Silverado Canyon Partners invests in high quality apartments in Southern California. We are long-term investors whose properties deliver sustainable cash flow and capital appreciation over time.

We align our interests with those of our investors
by investing side by side on every property.

Our niche is properties that don’t attract institutional interest, but that are too large for most private groups. We apply our years of large-property multifamily experience to our assets.

We strive to deliver investors strong initial “cash on cash” returns. We position our assets to be held for the long term, but we will sell at any time when we believe yields can be maximized.

Our mantra – “Create Value” imbues everything we do; we continually strive to improve our assets through:

• Renovating properties to increase rents

• Focused property and asset management

• Maximizing cash flow and returns through thoughtful financing

Quite simply, our goal every day is to maximize returns by
creating value on our assets.